Find 5 More Hours Each Day.

Do you feel like you don’t have enough time to get everything done? Does doing a budget and finding the time to take care of the accounting for your household seem like 1 more task added on a never ending to do list?

It probably does. One of the top reasons I hear from people for not doing a budget is that it takes too much time.


I’d like to challenge that idea though.

There’s no doubt in my ┬ámind that you’re busy. If you did a time audit of your week you’d probably find that there are tons of things you could cut out of your schedule to accomplish the things that are most important to you.

But as much as I hear about people saying they don’t have time, I’m shocked by these numbers from a Nielson survey.

The average person watches over 5 hours of TV a day. It’s 153.27 hours of TV in a month!

If we multiply this out from age 20-age 75 we find these average total out to 101,158 hours of TV or 4,214 days. The average person in the US spends 11.5 years watching TV!

What if you’re half of that? Do you really want to say you’ve spent 6 years of your life watching other people do fun things on a flat panel screen?

I’m not mad at you for watching TV. There are certainly times where you can get educational content and other times where it can be relaxing to just veg out for a little while. But to put off doing important things or to complain that you don’t have enough time when there’s 11 years of life tied up in watching TV is a little ridiculous.

In our house we have rabbit ears, Netflix and Hulu. I don’t miss very much on TV that I truly want to watch. Really the only thing I don’t get to watch at home when I want to is a few football games a year. On those days I just go to a friends house or a restaurant that’s playing the game. I’ve found that I don’t miss having access to 230 channels.

The average cable bill is $128/month. If you’re ready to make the commitment to cut cable in favor of rabbit ears and online services, congratulations. You’re about to find tons of time and even better, a whole bunch of money.

$128/month is $1,536 for the year. Over the next decade, that’s $15,360. If you instead invested that amount from age 20-age 75, with a decent return you’d have $3,177,448!

In my opinion, there’s nothing on TV worth 11.5 years of my life, or $3.1 million.

What are some other things you could give up that would make a big impact on your money and your time? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Love the post and the idea of a time “audit”. That’s why I’m selling my PS3. I say it won’t consume my time… but it does. Something may seem innocent enough, but it will rob you of your time, energy and dreams if you let it. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. DANG! I wish I had TV to cut it and make that money.. Ha
    I spend $40 on internet with a cable box. Life is much more enjoyable when we are moving. We only have one life to live! LIVE IT!

  3. hmmmmm
    well that got me thinking

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