Handling Money During Emergencies and Crises.

Have you ever had a rough week or two with money?  It seems like the expensive things like to group themselves together on our timelines. And this past week it was the Lewis family’s turn to spend some money. I decided to take care of some overdue basic maintenance things on my house. I hired an […]

Telling A Better Story

cheerios dad

If we believe what the 90′s sitcoms say about dads, we’d believe that being a good father involves walking in the door from a long day at work, sitting in a recliner, commanding a child to “bring daddy a beer,” having the other kid bring you the remote, and order our wife to get dinner […]

Why Credit Cards Are Crippling the Church.

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I’m all about convenience. When given the option of ordering pizza for dinner or picking it up on the way home, I’ll always order. My car doesn’t have time for crank down windows. I’m an Amazon Prime member because who has time to wait more than 2 days for something they bought online? When it […]

Announcing…. The Debt Movement!

I once met this cool guy named Jeff Rose. You should definitely follow him on Twitter and check out his blog over at Good Financial Cents. He’s asked me to join him in this awesome community to encourage, inspire, and equip people to collectively pay down $10,000,000 of debt. Over the next few weeks I’ll […]