Why Are You So Selfish?

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We are the most heavily marketed to culture that has ever existed. Just from where I’m sitting now I can see 15 different brand name items in my house. And the marketing dollars these companies spend actually work. We become “brand loyal” and spend money on buying products we don’t need just because a marketing […]

Why Most Startup Businesses Fail and How To Avoid This Mistake.

Why Most Start-Up Businesses Fail

Ask someone what they think the “American Dream” is and they will typically tell you that it’s either starting your own business or owning a home. Maybe if they knew how difficult starting a business is they’d just answer with owning a home. Being an entrepreneur is no easy task. When you decide to start […]

The Important Financial Lesson I Learned At CrossFit.

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If you’ve ever set a goal to improve yourself you understand that in order to see positive results you need to make changes in your life. Continuing to sit on the couch when you want to lose weight won’t work. Spending money at the mall when you want to get out of debt isn’t a […]

24 Amazing Ways to Be A Cheap Date.

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Today’s guest post comes from my friend and relationship expert Genevieve West. If you’d like to write a guest post for the site, check out our Guest Post Guidelines. Saving money and living on a budget is important. It’s the number one key to financial success. But if you’re married, there is one area of your […]